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EZSilent Hustle is a marketing agency providing one-stop-shop services from branding, domain registration, website hosting and design, social media management to marketing strategy coaching. Our goal is to help clients achieve online success.


We offer high-quality services at affordable prices.

EZSilent Hustle is a full-service marketing agency that supports you from the beginning to rebranding. Our services include registering your domain name, website hosting, business registration, website design, marketing strategy coaching, and social media management. We create professional websites and attract more customers with social media. Choose us and succeed

We'll create your website after 4 simple steps.

These steps are your guide. To get started, visit and follow the steps to purchase your domain name and WordPress hosting. Once you do that, we will create your website for $199.


Go To Ithink Web Hosting

To get a website for $199, you need to buy a domain name and WordPress hosting from ithinkwebhosting or transfer your existing domain name to our hosting.


Buy Your Domain Name

A domain name is what you type in to get to a website. It's like the street address for a house. You must have one to access a website. With ithinkwebhosting, you can register your domain name and have your website built for $199.

Domain and Web Hosting EZSilent Hustle


Buy Your Hosting Package

WordPress hosting is a type of web hosting service specifically designed to manage and support WordPress websites. To create your website for $199, you must purchase hosting services from


We Will Make Your Website for $199

Congratulations! Let us design a captivating and user-friendly website that will elevate your online presence, showcase your brand, and deliver an unparalleled customer experience. Sit back and let us bring your vision to life.

Life after the collar

Domain Name


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WordPress Hosting


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Design Website


Form an LLC and get an EIN.

Starting a business is exciting, but ensure you have proper documentation and legal requirements. Get an LLC and EIN to protect your business from financial issues and legal trouble.

Obtaining an LLC and EIN is crucial for tax purposes, opening a bank account, and hiring employees. It establishes a strong foundation for growth and avoids legal and financial pitfalls. Consider these steps in your business planning process.

This book by Emmaricia Madison helps you turn your side job into a business. It gives you steps like creating a corporation and getting an EIN number. You’ll also learn how to buy a website domain and hosting, and how to build your own website. If you want to start a trucking company, there’s also information on that and MORE

In this book, Emmaricia Madison gives you 9 ways to hustle out loud.

  • Building your website
  • Growing a Brand using TikTok and YouTube
  • The Power of FB / TikTok Ads
  • Starting your Trucking Company

In this book, Emmaricia Madison goes over and above to discuss the truth about starting an online business

•How to Fix your mindset first, then make money online
•How to use SEO strategies to increase Google ranking
•What 11 online businesses you can start now

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We create an environment that does not allow any negative energy to reach your mind or heart. We believe the way to succeed in whatever hustle you are engaged in involves infinite and consistent efforts as well as meticulous planning.

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To inspire lifelong learning, advance knowledge, and strengthen entrepreneur’s growth in the world of marketing. We can never be less than the best.

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Our passion is to motivate people to become successful regardless of any circumstance they are faced with or have been through. Our dream is to provide the tools necessary to help others accomplish their dream!