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5 Best Shopify Apps For Making Money

5 Best Shopify Apps For Making Money

It is quite simple to create a Shopify store, but making money is not that easy by any means. There is a huge debate regarding which of the Shopify apps out there will help us to generate cash. Although the majority of the individuals go for those apps which are downloaded the most, it is not always the correct idea.

Below we have mentioned the top 5 Shopify apps that will help to make money.

1. Oberlo

It is quite likely that you have heard about this particular app before in case you happen to be a Shopify store owner. This app is responsible for turning your hours working to 1-hour-days from 24-hour-days.

The ion tool of the automate sets up a customer order for you; all you need will be to click confirm, and the app will get your product sent out by contacting your supplier. The method of working is somewhat like this: The customer chooses a product and then enters their shipping info.

The information will then be copied by Oberlo to the website used for sourcing products. Once the order has been confirmed, the app will order the product from your supplier and send it to your customer directly.

Oberlo is probably the most popular automation tool available on Shopify at present which will minimize the working hours on your store without necessarily increasing your sales.

2. Aftership

One more popular Shopify app for making money is Aftership. Instead of emailing you, this app will allow your clients to track their own orders and you will be required to respond on time.

While using this app, it will be possible for you to enable a page on the Shopify store where your customers will be able to trace their orders by using the order code given to them by you. It can become really annoying with clients sending messages to you every single hour to have an update on the shipping, and this can be made quite easy by using Aftership.

3. Countdown Timer

Probably you have heard before that scarcity can help to make sales. For this reason, you often see things such as “ending first” and so on. While using this app, the visitors will be informed by the timer that any particular offer is going to end soon.

The offer will cease to exist once the timer reaches zero, and the price will go back to normal, or the product might even go out of stock. The Countdown Timer will inform your visitors that time is running out for any particular offer.

4. Fraud Filter

This amazing app will help to safeguard your site against any unlawful sale and will prevent you from losing your cash. In case fraud sales are identified, the order is going to be flagged and it will be possible for you to confirm the validity as well. You will also be able to set regulations for automatically blocking any order attempt.

5. Free Shipping Bar

This moneymaking Shopify app will allow you to increase sales. It is a fact that you will lose the majority of your clients at checkout. Your shipping expenses should be included in your prices and you should also make traffic become sales instead of remaining just traffic. The bar of this app will show up on your page so as to inform individuals that there is free shipping available on your store.