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Our agency has the design and marketing than can help your Ecommerce shop get off the ground or improve upon existing sales. Finds the best digital channels for your eCommerce strategy

Why Ecommerce?

We haven’t met an e-commerce business owner that didn’t want to grow sales. The thought of orders being place on your site at all hours of the day, throughout the entire country is what makes the e-commerce world so exciting.
Ecommerce can turn your local business into a national company. If you already have a national presence on the web, the right Ecommerce strategy can improve your return on advertising spend.

Why The Media Captain?

In working with EZSilent Hustle, you will have a experts in design, SEO, paid advertising, and email marketing. We will help you decide whether your website needs to be built through WooCommerce, Shopify, or Magento


Our job is to generate more sales for our clients through e-commerce. We use the best outlet to help you boost your online shopping revenue.
1. Mobile friendly website to ensure a great user experience
With over 55% of users shopping on mobile devices, a good experience for mobile shoppers is crucial to ensure e-commerce success. We will build a site that meets the needs of your Ecommerce business. We look into shipping needs, shopping cart abandonment and e-commerce conversion rate percentage, along with a variety of other metrics.
2. E-Commerce Optimization
Determining the URL structure and setting up the proper foundation for an e-commerce website is crucial. Usin other on-site components, such as the proper title tags, H1, alt image attribute and product descriptions will have the search engines loving your e-commerce shop.
We also will work diligently on the off-site SEO so your site is generating amazing referral traffic and links from media outlets and industry specific sites.
3. Paid Ads
There are a lot of components when it comes to your e-commerce paid advertising strategy. EZSilent Hustle will assist you with each step of the way.
4. Social E-Commerce
With the advanced targeting options Facebook and other social channels offer, social media outlets are great audience targeting.
Imagine if you have an anniversary coming up next month. You can literally serve an advertisement to people who has an anniversary coming up in the next few months.
Our social media strategy will not generate sales, it provides an opportunity to capture email addresses at a low price point, so you can continue to deliver your companies messages.
There are many other components to a successful e-commerce marketing strategy, such as shopping cart abandonment, a stellar email marketing strategy, custom photography and A vs. B testing.

Want to learn more about ecommerce?

Growing your ecommerce business needs highly effective audience targeting throughout the entire buying process. EZSilent Hustle can assist you in reaching more customers effectively. When this happens, you increase brand awareness, generate more website traffic and increase revenue.