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How to Find Products for Your Shopify Store

How to Find Products for Your Shopify Store

You want to find products online. Selling on ecommerce platforms is easy. This requires you to have basic knowledge on how you can be able to maximize on your online store. Shopify is one of those ecommerce platforms that enable users to establish their own online stores and sell their merchandise online as well.

Selling on an ecommerce platform requires you to have the right kind of products in order to be successful.

There are a few factors that you might need to put into consideration when conducting your product research for shopify. Here are a few tips on how you can be able to find products to sell on your shopify store.

Know your target audience

When conducting your product research for shopify, you need to know and analyze your target audience. This is a category of customers that are looking for your products and wants to buy them. So how do you find your target customers? You need to have a look at the market trends.

Visit Google Trends as it might be one of the best places you might be able to find such information. Amazon trending might also be useful in giving you relevant information as you conduct your product research for shopify.

Pick a product that stands out

You need to pick a product that will actually stand out from the crowd. People shop online all the time. You need to know what product you need to offer to the ready market that is already available. This should be a product that is also eye-catching.

You can conduct your product research for shopify using Google Analytics. This will give you information on what products or services most people search for online, demographics, location, gender and all other data that you need to help you decide on a product that would sell.

Settle on a product with a high profit margin

When you are doing your product research for Shopify, you need to get products that will give you a high profit margin. You can browse on AliExpress for some pretty amazing deals that will guarantee you get at least 100% returns in profits. This is because you need to consider factors that will cost you like shipping fees, shopify fees, fees that will facilitate the processing as well.

You can search for products to sell on Amazon too. Here you might get products that are popular but the only discouraging factor is that the product might already be sold by many other buyers.

Etsy might also be another good site where you can find products to sell in your shopify store.

Test your products

You can come up with a simple test to find out if people would actually appreciate and buy your products. Simply ask yourself whether you would personally purchase the same product that you intend to sell on your shopify store. Ask your friends, relatives and any other close person if they would buy your products.

This could be one way of conducting product research for shopify because you would know it is the right product if you get most answers in the affirmative.

In a nutshell

You can make good online sales with the right kind of products on your shopify store. Take your time and conduct your own research and settle on trending products that would literally fly off the shelves of your online store.


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