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Top 7 SEO Tools

Top 7 SEO Tools List

seo tools list

The best seo tools list of 2018 are here. Search Engine Optimization basically controls your online reputation. Using the best seo tools list can give you the edge you need against competitors from your same niche. Some tools give comprehensive reports and others help with statistics. These tools were designed to help people with online businesses as well as starter companies that are trying to improve their online reputation. The best SEO tools of 2018 in no particular order include SEMrush, Screaming Frog, Google Search Console, Moz, Ahrefs, Majestic, and BuzzSumo.


SEMrush provides the ability to gain insight into competitor strategies, keywords, advertising, and much more. The many tools SEMrush provides comes at a good price. You can see the keywords your competitors are using and how they rank. Also, you can get a visualization of how those keywords compare against other search results. This helps online marketers like you understand how much traffic can be driven with a keyword alone.


The keyword research you can accomplish with the SEMrush tools is exemplary. You can find the right keywords to match your campaign and gather related keywords so you can continue to build your SEO or PPC campaign. The Keyword Research Feature can be used to get yourself extensive information about keywords and their value. Organic and paid research are both included in these evaluations. Without a doubt, SEMrush is considered one of the best SEO tools to date.


Google Search Console

Trying to find some insight on how search engines work? Well, Google Search Console can give you information about search terms, or keywords, and how they drive traffic. This tool will show you where you are currently ranked for a keyword. Additionally, you can receive crawling alerts with many features such as uploading a sitemap to help Google understand your website.


Basically, Google helps you with tips and information thus educating you on topics like search engine presence and how to improve a website. The ability to teach as it functions makes Google Search Console one of the best SEO tools around.


Exploring keywords has never been more accurate. Using Moz for SEO gives you access to the largest and most accurate search keyword database on the web. You will be able to select the proper keywords to drive traffic accordingly.


Moz can be used to make your site better. By using Moz to research keywords, you increase your chances of getting ranked higher on search engines. Also, Moz can track your sites progress and compare keywords to competitors with the same niche. The Keyword Explorer and the Link Explorer are great tools for researching and targeting keywords to maximize your website’s growth. Moz has many more tools, but their SEO tools are top notch.


There are some very nice tools provided by Ahrefs. A few of their SEO tools include the rank tracker, keyword explorer, alerts, and reports. The rank tracker can be set up to give daily, weekly, or monthly reports on how your keywords are ranking. The keyword explorer can be used to get relevant keywords that are often searched. You can find additional insight on how keywords rank with the keyword explorer tool. Alerts and organic reports will be given periodically. They are used to see keywords and compare your rankings to that of your competitors’. There is much to learn from the Moz SEO tools.


For many marketers, Majestic is the SEO tool of choice. Majestic is a backlink analysis tool. It provides the data that is necessary to help you make a superior link-building campaign for a website. This means that it can help you rank in search engines.


Much like you would expect from one of the best SEO tools, Majestic has multiple features and tools. A vast amount of online marketers love Majestic because it is full of great tools that can be used to get an advantage over competitors.


BuzzSumo is an excellent content analysis program and SEO tool. It can also be used extend your audience. Influencer marketing and outreach can be used to help you target the audiences you want and drive traffic to your content. BuzzSumo is especially great if you don’t want to rely on paid media.


Also, BuzzSumo is an excellent source of competitive intelligence. The tool shows you what content your competitors are putting up and how much traction it is getting. Additional information such as networking success, content sharing, and content comparisons are also available. There is no wonder why BuzzSumo is featured on this list because it is definitely one of the best SEO tools there are.

Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog developed an SEO spider software tool. It is trusted by thousands of agencies and online marketers. Basically, their tool allows you to analyze the results from their site crawler. The site crawler is used to find broken links and gather onsite data. Both large and small websites can be analyzed efficiently. The SEO spider is a flexible tool that should by no means get overlooked.


The Screaming Frog SEO spider software finds temporary and permanent links as well as redirects. It can also identify redirect chains and loops that you can audit. Page titles and meta descriptions can be reviewed easily across your entire site during a crawl. This can help you determine if anything is too short, too long, duplicated, or missing on your site. This tool can help you discover another side to your website. It also integrates smoothly with Google Analytics.

The Best SEO Tools List

There is a wide variety of accessible information and tools that have seemingly endless capabilities. These SEO tools list are without a doubt the best of 2018. All of these SEO tools list have multiple functions and additional tools that are relative. Not to mention the prices are fair and decent.


Anyone looking to maintain or grow their website should invest in one of these SEO tools list. They can help drive traffic to your content with the help of keyword research. These are the best SEO tools of 2018 and they raise the bar high when it comes to efficiency and accuracy.


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