Atlanta Social Media Company

EZSilent Hustle will help your business create a memorable social media strategy and execute a game plan to drive sales from the most popular channels.


Social media is the single most effective way to reach their audience. Consumer attention is on social media at all times.

  • The average time spent PER DAY on social media are up to nine hours
  • Brands are expected to pay over $36 BILLION on social media this year
  • 74% of shoppers make buying decisions based on social media

You need to capture attention in order to succeed in marketing, which is why social media marketing is so valuable. If you are looking to raise awareness in your business, EZSilent Hustle can help.


  1. We get to know your business –  Ultimately, we need to understand your business to deploy a successful social campaign.
  2. We determine which social channels would best fit the demographics of your company – If your customers are primarily on Instagram, it is our job to figure this out and serve content and ads based on customer attention.
  3. We determine the type of media that would best fit your brand (video, carousel advertisements, static images, etc.
  4. We run test ad sets like crazy! – We test creative, ad copy and targeting to double down on our winners and remove from poor performers.
  5. We make sure your company is equipped to handle inquires from potential customers.
  6. We ensure all messaging aligns with your brand standards while adding our unique twist to increase engagement.

Once EZSilent Hustle get started on your account, we’ll determine the best social channels for your business. We’ll brainstorm on ideas for different creative that will drive sales. We’ll create a budget and estimated return on advertising spend based on business objectives. Most importantly, we’ll help drive sales and exposure for your business!