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The Best Shopify Marketing Methods

  Successful E commerce Strategies

Successful e commerce strategies of Marketing is one of the most crucial strategies for any venture. Online marketing, which is marketing for online stores should be one of the major priorities to all store owners. Marketing can simply be termed as “visibility” and the more your shop is visible, the more customers you receive.


Fortunately, it is not rocket science to market your shopify store and you can get a lot of resourceful information at the click of a button.

Shopify Marketing

More people are opening new Shopify stores and some might be even be selling the same products that you stock. This competition might be scary especially for new shop owners who have not established a sizable clientele.


To improve your Shopify store’s visibility, there are certain marketing strategies that you can employ.

The following are some successful e commerce strategies:

1. Use of Applications

There are different types of applications that you can use to market your Shopify store.

Good examples of Shopify marketing applications include:

-Privy Application Privy enables email popups and exit-intent popups, both of which are crucial in boosting conversions and grabbing email addresses from customers. You can insert items like popups, bars and banners

-Kit ApplicationKit is a smart app that follows your text demands and markets your store on your behalf. It can for example post ads on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram or even email marketing.

2. Google Adwords

Google Adwords is one of the best marketing strategies for any online store. Google Adwords enables you to generate specific or target . Google Adwords is a marketing tool that places your advertisement on applications and websites which your prospective customers visit. In addition to websites and applications, the adverts can also be displayed as banners, as text when your look up something on google, on Gmail email addresses or even on certain applications which

3. Social Media

Social media has created an amazing marketing platform. Sites like Twitter, Facebook YouTube and Instagram can drive traffic to your store if you know how to use them.

On Facebook for example, you can create a page for your store where you showcase your products and the links to purchasing these products.

Using Instagram, you can also create a page for your store and use tools such as hash tags (#) related to your products to gain more visibility. As a store owner, you can also create videos showcasing your products and post these videos on YouTube.

4 Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is another brilliant successful e commerce strategies for Shopify marketing method. Influencer marketing is simply using a popular person to market your product at a fee.

The influencer can market your product on their social media such as Instagram or blogs and websites. Influencer marketing is ideal since you choose a person who can relate with your brand and whose audience is likely to purchase your items.

5. Giveaways

Giveaways are ideal especially if the product you’re selling is new in the market and is relatively cheap. Giving giveaways provides your prospective customers with a chance to sample and test your products.

If the products are of good quality, you are guaranteed that these customers will come back and they will spread the word to their family and friends.

So continue to use these successful e commerce strategies to grow your shopify store.


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