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Best Web Hosting – GoDaddy Vs Bluehost

Bluehost vs GoDaddy

Best Web Hosting

You will come across plenty of companies in the present web hosting industry that claims to be the best web hosting, and therefore, it can be quite tough to select the best one. But there are a few web hosting companies that I would recommend.

In fact, both GoDaddy, as well as Bluehost, happen to be well-known names to most of us out there. Both of these astounding companies have lots of satisfied customers and both offer hosting at reasonably low prices.

Therefore, it is quite difficult to discriminate between these 2 as to who is the better one. However, in the following paragraphs, we have mentioned a comprehensive Bluehost vs GoDaddy Web Hosting 2020 comparison that will help you to figure out the better one of these two.

Let us not waste time and start the comparison right below.

1. Uptime

Uptime happens to be a period when your website is online when it will be possible for the individuals to either access your website or purchase your services or products. While Bluehost does not offer any uptime guarantee, GoDaddy provides 99.9% guarantee whatsoever. Winner: Bluehost

2. Loading time or speed

By the term loading time of any particular website we refer to the time required for loading a page fully. In case your website requires in excess of 3 seconds for loading then it is possible for the users to become frustrated and they might even leave your website in the long run. When it comes to loading time or speed, BlueHost is going to perform better as compared to GoDaddy. Winner: Bluehost

3. Customer service

In spite of being an expert, it might not be feasible for you to handle every single issue. It is a fact that technology is altering every single day and you might be required to deal with innovative problems every now and then. For this reason, a knowledgeable, as well as friendly support team, will be required for assisting you to solve any problem. Both these companies mentioned here offer round-the-clock customer services by means of tickets and phone.

However, Bluehost likewise offers instant assistance by means of the Live Chat feature where you can inquire for assistance anytime you like. Moreover, their support team happens to be quite polite and fast while responding on time as well. On the contrary, no around-the-clock chat option is provided by GoDaddy whatsoever. Winner: Bluehost

4. Bandwidth

Simply speaking, bandwidth refers to the amount of traffic which can be handled by any website. Both companies are known to offer unlimited bandwidth to the users on their plans. Winner: Tie

5. Webspace

By the term webspace, we refer to the space where you are going to store the files of your websites. This will also include video clips, graphics, as well as text contents. While 50 GB is actually offered by BlueHost, as much as 100 GB storage space is provided by its rival on the Economy plan. Winner: GoDaddy

6. Domains, subdomains, and website

Bluehost, as well as GoDaddy, is known to host just a single website along with 25 subdomains on the basic plans. Apart from this, both of these companies will be providing you with 1 free domain name once you sign up for any hosting plan. Winner: Tie

7. Backup

Backup is similar to saving the life of your site. In case you have done something wrong with your site due to some plug-ins or any unwanted changes, then the best solution to restore the files will be this backup option. While Bluehost provides a totally free backup facility, GoDaddy will be charging some amount of money every month for getting the job done. Winner: Bluehost

8. Marketing

Marketing offers Advertising is the best way for individuals to become aware of your business. It is imperative to advertise your website and blog so that individuals come to know regarding your existence.

However, advertising does not come free and it is often imperative to spend a considerable amount of cash for it.

While Bluehost does not provide any advertising credit in the Basic plan, they will be offering absolutely free $200 Advertisement credit together with hosting in their Prime or Plus plan.

On the contrary, no such offer is provided by GoDaddy in any of their plans. Winner: Bluehost

Final Thoughts:

Thus after going through this comprehensive Bluehost vs GoDaddy comparison, it is now evident that BlueHost is undoubtedly the clear winner.

We will be recommending Bluehost simply because of the fact that they offer better features as well as support services which happen to be the fundamental requirement of any blog or business site out there. Therefore, in case you want to buy hosting always make it a point to go for Bluehost.


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